Not so quiet Lockdown week

I have had a very productive start to April followed by a restful Easter, I do hope you have all managed to give yourself a small brake from the crisis and been able to enjoy having the windows open with this warmer weather. I split my time between the garden and my painting putting my feet up in the evening and have completed my 50th Bridgwater circle series painting just ten to go now so if I can do one a month from now on I will reach my target.

Work has set up zoom sessions for those shielding at home with exercise sessions, cooking ,painting and learn Spanish classes not to mention my own PR homework for the Gallery given to me by my Mentor – how difficult it is to plan an events calendar when your not sure when you can open to the public party or will that be one at a time? So working on the possibility that things may be normal next year or new normal I had to imagine opening the Gallery either way and all what I would expect to be there and work backwards to start to set it all up so that it will be ready come the day!

I have just started on this work, in fact it is quite a lengthy list and involves companies which so far have been slow to respond – no doubt working from home and got into a sort of indoor holiday spirit. Companies are usually quick to reply when there’s a job in the offing and money to be made but these are strange times.

I should be starting work soon at home on the phone to help customers with their on-line and other issues busy, busy – but it will be great feel good boost to be able to help customers as I am unable to be on the front line. What ever your doing – NHS, Carer, Key worker or stay at home person please stay well and I hope you are looking forward to seeing the Gallery open next year as I am.

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