75th Celebration of VE day & 60 paintings completed

Personal celebrations for the completion of my 60 paintings in the Bridgwater Circle series and it has been a time of remembrance/celebration I have been reaching out to my old friends, working to help customers, tending my garden, looking forward to better times ahead and looking out for creative works created during this extraordinary time which express our lock down period and feelings for a ‘Covid corner’ in Bridgy Gallery. It has certainly been a different experience buying art as opposed to creating it. I am also looking forward to my next paintings I am leaning towards a carnival vibe and a more peopled canvas – may be a reaction to isolation, missing friendly faces!

Looking forward to a time when activity at the Gallery picks up pace, with lockdown and 2m separation it has been difficult to get much done. I have been looking into printing for gallery stock and for promotion material. I have also discovered that I need to identify each painting on the back so that everyone will know which painting we are talking about without ambiguity. I have already produced an information sheet on each work that tells of the original photograph, a copy of that image also where it was taken and when, why I liked it and all about what I painted, size of canvas, when I completed it – I thought it a pretty comprehensive document! My focus now to get the books in order and set up good systems for the future.

I have uploaded pictures of the garden including some bees which seem to like the little blue flowers, I scattered wild flower seeds and believe we may have a little shower soon to water them in. I have put a second coat of brick red paint on the outside side wall of reception just the black the second windowsill, the window paintwork, reveals and door to go now. I have also included pictures of the bench/work area created down the long gallery – as work progresses with reception and the coach house I felt we may need a messy work area.

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