Templates & communication

In the last few days the weather has got warmer and brighter I have spent some time tidying up out side and painting canvases inside. I have cut out the letter templates for the front signage and I have invited people to my blog and set a challenge to all my colleagues and their children in isolation to make a work of Art for exhibition next year when the gallery opens.

I have been busy communicating today I started with my new Mentor, a women in business intuitive that I have been lucky enough to be a part of for the next 9 months – co-incidentally that’s how long until Bridgy Gallery is due to open, an initial chat to get to know one another. Then I followed up on our conversation first I wrote out a list of all the things I would expect to see on the opening day so I can work my way back to now to make sure that all will be in place when we get there.  So I have started reaching out to organisations, companies today who may be able to provide services needed for the opening of the gallery from casting/printing to have some stock ready for the day and PR, leaflet design to let people know what’s happening and when.

I have finished another two paintings one called ‘Ra pyramid’ and one called ‘rough Brothers’ so that’s the meaning of life 42 completed now 🙂

Meanwhile back to the ten I have started which include Cardiff highlights, This way & that, Harlequin, Wrekin, Rhode Posts, Bullseye, River post, Tardis, 187 and Hold the press.

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