Golden Owl – Bridgy Ale

Decided to put a wind vane up on the roof at the gallery as I have an old one languishing at home that came off our original garden room – we changed the roof configuration so my owl vane lost its home. It was showing signs of weathering and looking a little sorry for its self so I decided to tidy it up by painting the owl gold – this was ok but a little dull for viewing from a distance so I got the gold leaf out it was lovely but I discovered I was a little rusty like my owl – please see pictures hope you like the effect. The site for the wind vane is just outside the studio window over the flat roof and on the ridge corner of the reception building.

I took the wind vane to the Gallery today and clear varnished it so that it lasts well outside then I did some more pointing it was pleasant to be out in the air if a little chilly. For a warm up I prepared the main gates for varnishing sweeping away the dirt and spider webs and keying the surface for the first coat of varnish same one I have used on the inside of the garage doors, I am planning to paint the front black like the garage doors and maybe adding a new top to them with holes like the garage doors to balance the look of the front of the building. I also put a second coat on the inside of the garage doors please note the A frame is very similar on both. So some good exercise with my sweeping, painting and step ladder work today – I should sleep well tonight. Looking forward to the warmer weather promised for this weekend my garden needs attention.

Have spent some time this week looking at the signage for the gallery have bought some ‘foamex’ a white sheet plastic signage material that I can cut out the letters needed. I am fortunate that I worked at a Sign and Display company in London so can make my own signage which will save a few pennies, I have chosen the typeface and worked out the size of the letters, once happy I printed myself some templates – it was so funny when I laid out the sign as I have not printed repeat letters as I only need use the template twice and what I ended up with was Bridgy Ale – how refreshing! Please see pictures.

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