Happy Christmas and Thank you

Time to celebrate to give thanks for the year and to all our customers, friends and family. I would also like in particular to thank my Mum who has been on hand to help, clean and talk to guests and help in many, many ways and to my Dad who had to leave us this year but has inspired me loads and I will feel his influence and encouragement wrapped around me always.

Thank you to Cameron who has weighed, measured, hung and re-hung paintings and more paintings taking all the photographs and re-taking them if needed, no complaint and has put up with me on bad days, days on his own and shared the great days he is truly making the role of gallery assistant his.

Thank you Julie, who has done a fantastic job she is so very good at bringing the best out of each work with her skillful framing and been a friend throughout.

Thank you Mark my old friend, a great support and very patient with my demands regarding the website he has managed to make a compelling site and a standout animated logo and stuck to exacting standards of photography and customer service which has elevated the function of the site and produced a stunning website which goes from strength to strength.

No thank you would be complete without a shout out to the many companies that have provided their services and the behind the scenes people who have worked/volunteered to make the gallery project a success and people who have donated items these people include Will, Reg, Chris, Kayleigh, Morgan, Scott, Rupert, Jack, Brett, Joy, David, Ged, Jan, Kurtis, Matt, Stuart, Sheila, Sue PB, Sue S, Nicky, Kirsty, Alfie and Eve you all know who you are, very sorry if I have missed your name out. I may not have heard your name or did not write it down at the time but your contributions are appreciated and have been stepping stones over the last two years to the future for Bridgy gallery thank you so much and a Happy Christmas to all.

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