Grotty to Potty – Surfs up

Proper transformation from grotty to potty – clean, bright, fresh with feature baby changing table. Door on boiler cupboard – cupboards under the baby changing table, potty on the shelf, blue postcard display – two clip frames of blue postcards not only blue subject matter but faded to blue over the up to 40 years of display on the wall with hundreds of business cards which festooned the woodworking office of Oxman & Walker. Just the vinyl on the original loo floor to go. The king has arrived in the throne room – print dated 1909.

The drive has transformed into a sea and sand, surf surprise a touch of seaside the mural not completed but a good start made – just needs to stop raining and I can add the finishing touches. The undercover yard is looking smart with its lights, signs and fresh paint.

The LED gallery sign has made progress soon be able to put it up on the building to announce the opening at last.

Please see more photos of progress in September and October photos 2021

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