Lofty heights, neatly stacked

What an exciting day, dramatic changes the warped and stained soft-board panels off the ceiling upstairs exposing the rafters and the clear tile windows in the roof. The surprise discovery of the metal RSJ in the toilet I had thought the old soft-board box on the right of the ceiling hid pipes! I was so wrong.

It was a great tidy up lots of sawdust in the skip from upstairs and the first part of the floor of the long gallery also the old rotten window frames from the garden together with all the old ceiling panels from upstairs expertly thrown into the skip through the loading bay doors by Chris and his brother Alfie, neatly on top of yesterdays lathe & plaster from reception. The roof of the old carriage house was once lined with a lathe and plaster ceiling, the lathe survives mostly intact in a good condition with the plasterwork mostly removed unlike reception.

So roof exposed to examination – can see daylight in many places not just the lovely clear tiles but tiles that are cracked or broken and some of the woodwork needs immediate remedial attention, but everything is now obvious so you can see what needs doing and get an expert opinion. I did feel for the building today like we were revealing it’s innermost hidden secrets, the undergarments, the very fabric of the building – the faults nowhere left to hide. It is of course necessary to expose then we can repair, to let the building know I mixed up some grout and pointed the wall by the internal window outside the coach house the very oldest part and said there, there to the walls.

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