Skip arrives lathe & plaster falls

Busy day today Chris came to help with the removal of the fragile old lathe and plaster work left in reception after ceiling and dividing wall was taken down, I debated long and hard about what to do about it – it was in a bad state more than half had fallen down on its own and more than half of that which although still attached was on its last legs and took little persuasion to join that which had fallen down previously, it rained strips of wood as you can see from the photos , the building seems to feel lighter fresher now this material has been removed and I am pleased I followed Sue’s advice and took it down while we are in this early phase.

The skip from Roberts arrived right on time – see pictures in latest October. Also arriving today were the fire extinguishers following site visit by Richard of 3 ways Carl and Jamie came to install them – obviously the ones for reception could not be positioned currently (no finished walls yet), but the others have been secured in place with fresh new labels, feels good to have proper equipment in place I know it is early no public yet but safety first for me and my many professional and volunteer workers.

Another welcome visitor today was Rob from Everest who are installing a new wheelchair friendly entrance to reception he is going to draw up whats most practical & secure with low threshold and good wide door. I had wanted to keep the metal window but realized that the doorway was just too narrow. I am passionate about being true to the building but at the same time I am equally passionate about the gallery being accessible to all, so I am keeping as much of the old building as possible. I have to make sensible compromises, no use having a disabled toilet if you can’t get through the entrance to use it! I hope to carefully remove the window to re-site it elsewhere in the building.

The flowers in the old tin bath are looking well following the rain we have had, Chris is joining me again tomorrow to continue to fill the skip – we plan to take down the soft board in the bathroom and the ceiling upstairs in the painting studio. I have had a request to say a little more about myself – I have to say its much easier to talk about the building! What can I say I am single and in love with a building, I work part-time and spend most of the rest of my time in the building or painting, currently in preparation for my one woman show in 2021 – 60 paintings for my 60th. Oh go on then – I will preview one painting in the Latest Oct pictures now which one that is the question!

I have chosen my barbwire painting (yes I have deliberately spelt it in this affectionate way). I paint in acrylic on canvas this painting is 16″ square and was painted in 2018.

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