Sunshine & Rainy days

Officially taken on the services for the building today took a while on the phone organising and informing people. Last evening Mum, Dad and I worked hard in the Sculpture garden clearing more ivy and brambles wrapping them in tarpaulins, duvet covers, filling sacks with the woody bits and putting in the trailer. We were able to pack it all on and leave it in the dry to take to the recycling tip in the morning. We also discovered a concrete area just beyond the oil tank – calling this the patio! Not cleared it all yet as it is tough going so do not really know how big it is yet. I was a lovely evening at the end of a very productive summers day.

We just managed to grab a carvery at the Quantock before they stopped serving, it was later than we thought, fed and happy we called it a night and the next day towed the trailer to the tip in the rain. Then after lunch we spent some more time at the gallery – taking out many nails in doors and walls, checking out the leak in the bathroom from the flat roof, looking at where to position an internal staircase, sweeping up a little, WD40ing and weeding/clearing the drain. Everywhere you look there are jobs to be done plans to be made and all the time the building just seems to come to life a little more I can feel it is enjoying all the attention.

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