Scaffold Down, Black n Shiny

The Scaffolding has completed its job and been taken away – revealing the lovely new smooth render which has been finished in bright white paint – this is also the first un-interrupted look at the new white guttering which replaces the old gully from when it was a party wall with adjoining roof and had deteriorated into a poor state of repair, now its a proper tile run off into the new white plastic guttering which should stop water from running down the wall and keep the brickwork and attached wooden beams dry. The bottom of the wall can be accessed now there are no scaffolding poles in the way and will be finished to match the top section. I also plan to paint the tall wall adjoining it once I have finished its pointing – so it will all look smart from the road and be a good backdrop for signage announcing Bridgy Gallery to the world – nearer the opening date so I plan to make and display signs later this year!

Meanwhile indoors I have been painting my patent black shiny bituminous paint on the inside of the old wall which is going to be reception, a cosy space, dry lined, insulated with the new wide door. So far the urgency was for the bottom section so that Will can fit the insulated floor.

Photographs have been added to 2020 photo page – more to follow as I chart the progress of the ‘black hole of Calcutta’ into a lovely warm gallery reception area.

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